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Whiplash is the term used for injuries to the neck as a result of an auto accident. Typically, a whiplash injury occurs when you are involved in a rear end collision accident and your neck ‘whips’ back and forth extremely rapidly. It can also occur with side to side neck movements. Whiplash can also occur from a sudden stop without a collision. Whiplash injuries can happen at all different speeds; however, the most important factor is that amount of time it takes for the body and neck to come to a complete stop from a given speed. The shorter the time, the more force that is generated into the neck. The damage to your car does NOT determine how severe the whiplash injury may be. Recent studies have shown that collisions at X miles an hour can create enough pressure in the neck to cause an injury to the occupant.

Symptoms of Whiplash

The motion of whiplash is a rapid flexion and extension of the neck. Muscle and ligaments that support the neck are put under stress, which can be stretched or torn. Muscles can go into spasm to attempt to prevent movement or further injury in the neck. Ligaments that are torn can cause the joints of the neck to be unstable. In some cases, bones can be broken due to extreme flexion and extension of the neck. Damaged tissues in the neck can become quite pain sensitive leading to severe pain for days, weeks, or even months after the injury. Neck pain after a whiplash accident may be the most common symptom, however, numbness/tingling into the arms and hands is also a common symptom due to nerves in the lower neck that have been inflamed or pinched. Headaches and dizziness are also symptoms that can be present, especially if one hits their head during the event.

How Does a Doctor of Chiropractic evaluate Whiplash and Neck Pain?

When a patient has sustained a whiplash-type injury, the doctor will take a thorough health history and perform a physical examination consisting of range of motion tests, muscle strength tests, sensory tests and orthopedic tests that help to give more information about the exact location and severity of the injury. Based on the findings, the doctor may need to refer a patient for x-rays of the neck to determine if there are any misalignments to the bones of the neck. During the examination process, if there are any tests that are performed that indicate that the patient may have herniated or bulged a disc in the neck, or possibly torn other ligaments in the neck, then an MRI scan may be needed to properly diagnose the injury. Based on the location and severity of the injury, a treatment plan can created.
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Millions of people see Chiropractors every year in the U.S. For most of us, there are imbalances in the spine that can cause a number of different symptoms. Like any other system in the body, if left untreated or unchecked, problems can occur. Your musculoskeletal system and your nervous system are no different. Your nervous system coordinates and controls every system in your body. Poor posture, daily stressors as well as chronic and repetitive type activities can cause a number of spine and nerve system issues. By restoring spinal function with Chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference by misaligned vertebrae is removed, thus allowing optimal nervous system function and improved health.
When a vertebrae becomes misaligned or moves out of its normal position, this is referred to in the chiropractic profession as a subluxation. Subluxations can be caused by a wide range of issues ranging from a minor slip or bump to a car accident or any sudden trauma. When a vertebrae is subluxated, it can begin to put pressure and stress on nerves and tissues around it. This pressure comes with a price. The subluxation interrupts the natural pathways that the messages sent from the brain need to be clear in order to be completed properly.

Yes, a chiropractic adjustment is safe. Adjustments, or manipulation as they’re sometimes referred to is the minor movement of vertebrae in the spine. The objective of this movement is to realign vertebrae that have moved out of place for a number of reasons ranging from normal daily activity to trauma such as a car accident.

When these vertebrae are out of place, it has an overall systemic effect from muscular to the central nervous system. Without proper alignment and flow of all nerves and systems in the body from the brain, we can’t function at our peak.

An adjustment is often a pressure from the chiropractor utilizing the hands or an instrument to move a vertebrae back into place. This happens with a quick movement and is often without discomfort. You may hear a noise that sounds like you’re cracking your knuckles referred to as joint cavitation. It is the release of gases such as oxygen and nitrogen from the joint.

Seeing a chiropractor is not only for back pain and neck pain. Chiropractic care is an excellent way to keep your body operating at peak performance. Stresses from our every day lives can cause dysfunction in the spine and nervous system that can manifest as a number of different symptoms. Lack of motion in the joints of the spine can lead to arthritis and joint wear and tear. With a proper evaluation of the spine, a plan to improve the alignment of the spine and stabilize one’s posture can be performed. Time and gravity continue to put stress on the body, which Chiropractic can be effective in treating. Many people do see a Chiropractor for a number of symptoms, but using Chiropractic as a preventative treatment can be effective in living with less pain and more activity well into our years.

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body. It’s based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence completely controlled by the brain through its connection via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves that make up the body. When this nervous system is under stress, the overall performance of the human body is lacking.

In the chiropractic world, the goal is to aid in healing the body without drugs or surgery. In many cases if chiropractic treatment is sought out early enough, some surgeries may be avoided. always a part of the bigger picture, drugs and prescriptions can be viewed as band-aids to treat symptoms rather than going to the source and treating the real problem.

While it’s often perceived that the chiropractor is solely here to treat back and neck pain, this is simply a small piece of what the profession really is capable of handling. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems such as sciatica and joint pain, but are largely called on to deal with more significant issues. Some of these issues include fibromyalgia, allergies, insomnia, headaches and many more.

Going to the Chiropractor is a new experience for many of us. Maybe we’ve heard through a friend or have done some research online. It’s possible that you are just fed up with living in pain and it’s time to do something about it. In either case, your first visit to the chiropractor will be about discussing your health history, performing a thorough evaluation of your spine and nervous system and determining what the problem might be. In many cases specialized tests are needed to gather more information about your condition, (x-rays of the spine). If you need to be referred or co-managed with another type of medical/health professional, then that would be discussed with you before any type of treatment plan is recommended. We regularly work with other health care professionals to make sure you get the best care available for your health concerns.



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