Chiropractic care can be an important first step in the treatment of whiplash injuries due to a car crash.

Auto collisions of all types and speeds can cause serious injuries. Rear-end (whiplash) injuries, side-pact collisions, head on collisions, and even low speed impacts with minimal damage can cause soft tissue injuries that if left untreated can become a serious chronic issue later on down the road. Dr. Stadnik specializes in Spinal Biomechanics and Whiplash Traumatology. We take a detailed history of how the injury occurred, the mechanics of the collision and how that impacted your body. We determine what specific tests that are needed to properly diagnose your condition. Other than your neck and back, it is common to injure: shoulders, wrists and elbows due to their position during the collision and seat belt position. It is common to injure the: ankle, knee, and hip due to contact with the dashboard or even pressure on brake when the collision occurs. How about TMJ or jaw pain? Jaw pain can be common in coordination of a whiplash injury. We specifically screen for these conditions to ensure complete diagnosis and proper coordination of care with all appropriate providers. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents as well as slip and falls can have very similar injuries and need to be evaluated. It is also quite possible to have concussion-type symptoms from hitting your head during a car collision or slip/fall. Dr. Stadnik has had special training to manage treat these types of trauma cases.

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