Chiropractic is effective in treating a number of different conditions. We specialize in treating injuries sustained in auto and work injuries, however, that is a small portion of the cases we see every year. Some of the most common conditions we see are migraines and headaches that are chronic and not necessarily due to any specific activity. Chronic low back pain is also quite common and is a major source of pain among the aging US population. In some cases, we find that migraines and headaches may be related to a biomechanical issue in the upper cervical spine which may cause cervicogenic pain. When diagnosed and treated, many patients have had great success at minimizing and/or relieving their headaches. Low back pain and even sciatic pain can respond quite well to Chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises as well as ergonomic recommendations to help patients stay well once the low back problems have stabilized. Postural distortions can cause a number of health concerns such as fatigue, chronic muscle pain as well as decreased range of motion. There is an optimal position that the spine should be in and the further the spine is from balanced, the more energy the body has to expend to hold an upright posture. Stress at individual spinal joints due to misalignment can wear down over time causing degeneration or arthritis that weakens the spine.

Another reason that some patients see a Chiropractic is just to maintain their spinal health. In some cases after a patient improves from their acute issue and are released from care, they choose to return periodically for check-ups prior to an issue returning. We get our teeth checked regularly, we go for physicals, isn’t it reasonable to think that we should get our spine checked for any potential misalignments or imbalances before it becomes a larger complaint?

Whatever the reason is that brings you into our office, we will focus on helping you reach your goals.