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Chiropractic and Rehabilitative Exercise Combined are Most Effective Solution for Chronic Back Pain

Our main objective has always been to provide the best approach to detecting and correcting low back problems with patients. We have found that the most effective solution has been to combine Chiropractic treatment with rehabilitative exercises.

Chronic back pain accounts for more missed days from work than any other illness or health complaint. Up to 80% of the US population reports that they experience some sort of back pain that has caused time loss from work. Common responses to suffering from low back pain would be to either stay home and rest or go to a primary care doctor and get prescribe medication, (muscle relaxers and NSAIDS). Pain pills, unfortunately, only cover up the symptoms and doesn’t offer a solution to the problem. Pain medication also comes with the potential of harmful side effects as well. Plus, patients are unlikely to return to the normal activities of daily living.

Research studies are showing that combined chiropractic and rehab exercises lower back pain is recommended. Chiropractors diagnose the condition and find the biomechanical problems within the spine; the misaligned spinal vertebrae. These misaligned, (subluxated) vertebrae are the cause of the stress to the nervous, restricted joint motion as well as the associated muscle spasms and pain for the body to hold an unbalanced spinal alignment. Adjustments to the spinal joints can improve range of motion and joint function, while allowing for overall improved spinal alignment which can minimize muscle spasm and stress in the tissues.

Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, gentle form of treatment for back problems. With combined rehabilitative exercises, postural exercises, and stretches, Chiropractic care can be an extremely successful for of treatment for back problems. The nervous system controls and coordinates all systems of the body. We address the alignment of the skeletal system and the associated muscle and ligamentous tissues that support the bones that protect the delicate structures of the nervous system. At Vitality Spine and Rehab we focus on three phases of care; Pain Relief, Corrective Care, and Supportive Care. As the pain begins to dissipate and the low back begins to hold a more balanced alignment, the pain begins to subside. Then, exercises to strengthen and support the lower back are more effective in improving spinal balance and posture. Exercises can be prescribed for home to help stabilize and support the spine to try to prevent or at lease minimize future problems. The goal is to accomplish this without drugs and surgery.

With this approach of chiropractic and rehabilitation, more people could enjoy a pain free, normal lifestyle once again. If you have been suffering with back pain, neck pain, headaches, leg or shoulder pain, find a chiropractor near you to live the lifestyle you deserve.

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